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I've been cooking all my adult life, and am passionate about sharing wonderful food experiences with my clients

Personal Chef Services

Located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I provide gourmet private chef services for dining and entertaining.  The market that I service is within an hour or two of my hometown.  I can offer a multi-course dinner for small groups on up to a cocktail party for a small gathering.  Services include initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and kitchen clean up.  I know my clients have a great many things to think about while they are enjoying the beautiful mountains and extensive outdoor activities.  Add a memorable dinner in your own home or rental cabin to your activities while enjoying all of the moments the southern Blue Ridge mountains have to offer.

How it works

Using the freshest, often locally sourced ingredients, I will create an imaginative menu for your family or fiends, all in your kitchen.  Giving consideration to food allergies or dietary restrictions is something I take into account when writing the menus.  Each dinner is special and specific to the season and the occasion.  Surprise! It's more affordable than one might expect.  Give me a call for more information.

What our customers are saying

YUM!! That's what I'm talking about!

Donna D ~ Texas

Thank you for two delicious meals.  I'll be calling you next summer.

Piper G ~ Atlanta

What to do next...

Get in touch with me via email or a phone call.  Let's talk about what you have in mind, and we'll figure out how I can help you.  We'll discuss how many people you have in your group and any kind of food allergies or dietary restrictions, and then let's get you on the calendar!  I will do all the menu planning based on what are the absolute best products available at the time.  Then when the time comes, I'll show up and create a memorable evening for your family or friends.  It's that simple. 

Let's book it now!

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